Secret Swimmer is Back!!!!

Hi Dolphins,

A secret swimmer program is a great way to form friendships with UCD teammates. Each year, swimmers have fun receiving notes and small gifts, as well as buying gifts, giving them without being caught and trying to guess their secret swimmer!

Steps to Sign up!!!

1. Fill out this UCD Secret Swimmer 2022 Form by 6/16

2. Revie your swimmer's name at the pep rally on 6/17.

3. 6/20-7/22 Give 2-3 surprises each week.

4. 7/23 Get ready for secret swimmers to be revealed at the team banquet!

  • Leave surprises (along with a clue about your identity) for your swimmer in the secret swimmer box(es) or with their swim gear – without being seen! Do this at least twice a week. If you are going away, make arrangements for your gifts to be given while you are gone. Remember: Someone is waiting for surprises, just like you!
  • Some surprise ideas: candy, Gatorade, small toys, pencils, post-it notes, dolphin-themed items, team gear, homemade treats, pictures, or notes of encouragement. (NO chocolate or candies that melt!!)

● Plan to give a bigger gift (about $10-15) at the final banquet

● If you have any questions, please contact our secret swimmer coordinator - Gretchen Hartman (240-997-6867; [email protected]), or one of the UCD coaches

Becca, Anney, and Alexis

UCD Reps

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